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Electrical System


Automotive wiring diagrams can be a maze, making troubleshooting automotive electrical systems a difficult task.

Complicating matters even more, electrical system problems are more common in vehicles equipped with adaptive driving controls or electric seating or lifts than in unmodified vehicles.  Why?  Aftermarket electronic equipment and electrical wiring place additional demands on the automotive electrical system.

In addition, electronic controls themselves can develop problems.  After all, electronics and weather, especially water, don't mix well.












Fortunately, Columbus Mobility Specialists have experience with automotive troubleshooting and the specialized equipment needed to troubleshoot and repair these problems.

CMS staff are experienced at diagnosing and correcting not only electrical problems common to all vehicles, but also the more complex issues arising from today's micro-processor driven independent living aids.  Are you having automotive electrical wiring or electronics problems?  CMS can help.

Please contact us today to get your automotive electrical wiring and automotive electrical system problems resolved.


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